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Joyclub Premium Fazit zu den Kosten

Alles rund um JOYclub-Kosten, Preise und Mitgliedschaftstarife: Basis, Plus und Premium, wie du mit und ohne Abo bezahlst und wie du deine Mitgliedschaft. Seitdem bin ich Premium und kann nur sagen, (auch wenn Kontakt noch lange nicht Sex bedeutet), ohne diese Möglichkeiten ist Joyclub eher sinnlos, zumindest. Premium Ladies. 40 Mitglieder. Das Thema ist für dich interessant? Jetzt JOYclub entdecken. **********. Leider kann man als Basis nicht Privat anschreiben. Premium-Mitgliedschaft. Uneingeschränkter Kontakt zu allen Mitgliedern; Alle FSKBilder und Videos ansehen. Die kostenlose Altersverifikation ist hierzu. Warum seid ihr Plus- oder Premium-Mitglieder? Welche Bonus-Funktionen nutzt ihr besonders? Warum seid ihr aber vielleicht auch (derzeit) nur Basis-Mitglieder​?

Joyclub Premium

Die Premium-Mitgliedschaft verlängert sich nur bei Bestellung über den Zahlungsdienstleister NetDebit automatisch, das heißt nur in diesem Fall handelt es sich. Alles rund um JOYclub-Kosten, Preise und Mitgliedschaftstarife: Basis, Plus und Premium, wie du mit und ohne Abo bezahlst und wie du deine Mitgliedschaft. Warum seid ihr Plus- oder Premium-Mitglieder? Welche Bonus-Funktionen nutzt ihr besonders? Warum seid ihr aber vielleicht auch (derzeit) nur Basis-Mitglieder​? Im Preisvergleich mit anderen Anbietern ist Joyclub im angemessenen Bereich. Dort finden Sie auch viele andere interessante Informationen. Kosten kannst du darüber hinaus einsparen, wenn du dich für eine längerfristige Mitgliedschaft entscheidest. JOY Club Kostenübersicht. Hier der See more. Du kannst sowohl die Art deiner Mitgliedschaft ändern als auch die Laufzeit. FAQ: Häufig gestellte Spiele Space Blast - Video Slots Online. Es gibt bei Joyclub keine versteckten Kosten.

Business profile — fully registered business profiles may also be eligible for membership discounts.

The profile owner must complete the authentication check for businesses. Exceptions to this rule are members you are currently ignoring or members you have temporarily deactivated their accounts.

However, you should only write to members who would like to receive messages from you. The first place to check for this information is the profile description.

Please respect these guidelines, e. According to current laws, all media providers — including JOYclub — must ensure that potentially harmful content cannot be accessed by minors.

It is therefore essential that you confirm your age using the over verification check and re-enter your password every time you log in.

Legislators prescribe several possible age verification systems. On JOYclub, you can take part in a free video verification check from the comfort of your own home.

This simultaneously verifies your age and authenticity. Other members will be able to see that you've completed the voluntary check and thus are assured that you are a real person.

Tip: The age verification check is permanent. Once you've successfully passed, you will have continued access to over content if you are a Premium member.

The process takes place entirely online. We review the validity of your profile information gender, age, etc.

Your information is protected in line with our TÜV-certified data protection standards. The data is stored on servers located in Germany for a short period of time.

Once the review is complete, the video recording, which is only accessible to members of the JOY team, will be permanently deleted.

The data is not forwarded to third parties. The video verification can be completed in a few easy steps.

All you need is an Internet connection and a webcam or smartphone camera. If all goes well, you will now have access to over content and enjoy the benefits of being a more trustworthy verified member.

Confirming your age with the video verification is free and permanent as a Premium member. JOYclub has no say in and is not responsible for any charges resulting from the transfer of Internet data.

If you ignore a member, we will block all direct contact options:The member will be unable to view your profile or photos and cannot make contact with you, whether via ClubMail or by posting on your wall.

However, they will be able to reply to your posts in public areas, such as forums. To ignore a member, first go to My contacts.

There, you will see Ignored members on the left-hand side. This will only work if the member is bookmarked. Once you have saved your entry in the following window, the ignored contact will no longer have access to your profile.

It is of course possible to ignore one another. If you open the profile of a member who is already ignoring you, you will see a short message telling you about this instead of the normal profile view.

You will now be ignoring one another. Note:The member will only know you are ignoring them if they actively try to access your profile.

To unblock an ignored member, first open My contacts. Click on Ignored members on the left-hand side. You will see a list of all the members you are currently ignoring.

Simply remove the tick mark next to Ignored members and save the changes. The member will no longer be ignored. You can quickly and easily adjust all the important parameters for your contacts using these buttons.

With just one click, you can also write your contacts ClubMails or open a more detailed overview. In addition to the actions available with the quick edit buttons, the detailed contact overview allows you the option of making notes for each individual contact and saving their information into folders.

You also have the ability to edit multiple contacts at once. You can either edit all your contacts or all the contacts in a specific folder.

You cannot cancel a rating, but you can change it. To change your rating, visit the profile of the member in question.

You will find the rating option in the main navigation panel, which will display your current selection. To change your rating, simply click on the response you would like to change it to.

To remove members from your match list, you must change their positive rating to a neural or negative rating. To do so, visit the profile of the member in question and click in the upper right to choose a new rating.

You can find out more about how coins work and your current coin balance here. Ran out of coins and need to top up?

You can purchase coins via credit card, direct debit or bank transfer here. Want to surprise a good friend with some extra coins?

No problem! You can buy a coin voucher in the JOYclub fan shop. How can I redeem a coin voucher? Did you receive a voucher for coins?

You can redeem your voucher here and use the coins straight away. If you receive an error message, please check that you've entered the voucher code correctly.

You may have entered it incorrectly or made a typo. Please redeem your birthday voucher directly via the ClubMail link you received so we can credit you an extra month.

Redeem this voucher once your current membership has been cancelled or expired. This is the only way to take full advantage of the voucher.

Find out how to archive ClubMails here. The protection of minors is very important to us! This is why we only allow access to content that may be harmful to minors after users have verified their age using a legally valid process as governed by applicable German law.

We carry out the verification by means of an over check. JOYclub is registered in Germany by choice and complies with all applicable laws accordingly.

To ensure compliance, we have set up some simple rules to restrict access to certain content using a protection-of-minors system.

In order to make a transparent and fair system, we've come up with clear and simple guidelines to protect minors on our website; we acknowledge these may be somewhat stricter than necessary at times.

This also helps ensure we maintain our identity as a tasteful erotic platform. Please consider how texts, images, videos and other content could impact minors who are just beginning to explore sexually.

Also, take into account that individuals have quite diverse sexual histories and experiences. While some may be able to perform an act with ease, others cannot do so without causing themselves or others serious physical or psychological harm.

For these reasons, we hope you can understand why certain content must be classified as over This content can only be accessed by members who have successfully completed a video verification.

We generally try to classify all content published on our website as harmless to minors or as over content, and occasionally as not permitted.

Our moderators are only human and thus, some things slip by. If you come across content that you think is incorrectly labelled, please report it to the moderator team.

You can do this directly via the button near the content or via a general support query. You've probably noticed that we like using a lot of emoticons.

The list is also searchable. To add a link, simply copy and paste the web address in the text. Internal links to other JOYclub pages will be automatically recognised by our system and replaced by a title.

Please follow our rules of play in regards to external links. You now have two options: 1. This will create an image code located beneath the preview image.

Copy this code and paste it into the desired place within your post. This allows you to add a photo between sections of text and to add a caption.

You can easily add videos to your posts by copy and pasting the link into your text. This feature does not show up in preview mode.

Our forum is a public space and the JOY team is responsible for the content accessible there. Some content is unsuitable for forum discussions.

This includes:. If the whole site is appearing smaller, you've likely changed the zoom function on your browser. Please reset the zoom function to revert to the normal view.

The means to reporting violations depend on where you've accessed the questionable content. You can contact the support team using the following link: Contact support.

Login for members. Login Forgot your password? What is JOYclub? Send message to support. Profile Name change.

You can change your username here. Change date of birth. You can change your date of birth here. Gender change solo, couple, new partner, ….

Warning: If you change your sex, you must submit a new video verification! Forgot your password.

Please use the forgotten password function to set a new password. This will include a link to reset your password.

Change password. You can change your password at any time here in the profile management. Why was my profile text rejected?

Your profile content should meet the following guidelines: Personal qualities, meaningful descriptions Sophisticated and stylish text Avoid explicit language, comply with measures for the protection of minors No dummy text Note:Use our text editor to format your texts and break them up with emoticons.

What are specials rose, etc. What happens when I send a special? How do I send a special? How do I see who has sent me a special? Overview of specials: rose, kiss, owl and more.

The rose Roses have long been a symbol of love and friendship. The kiss You can only send kisses to members on your friends list.

The smile You can send someone a smile for 50 coins. The bee JOYclub moderators and group moderators can send bees to particularly active group members.

The owl Chat moderators can send owls to particularly attentive members to thank them for their contributions. The harp Our JOY Angels may send an angelic harp to thank members for their tireless and voluntary dedication to keeping a forum more pleasant.

The donkey The JOY team sends cuddly donkeys to particularly ambitious members. Time-sensitive specials Every day, certain specials will become available at specific times.

Midnight ghost The midnight ghost haunts JOYclub for an hour after midnight every night. The early bird The early bird flutters through JOYclub every morning between the hours of 4 and 7am.

The morning coffee You can send a fresh cup of coffee with your ClubMail every morning from 7 to 9am. The good-night star You can send a good-night star every evening between 11pm and midnight to ensure the recipient has sweet dreams.

Event-related specials Specials that can only be sent on particular occasions. The full moon Only available on the evening of the full moon — invites someone to dance in the moonlight.

Note:There are other seasonal or event-related specials, such as a sun to mark the first day of summer. How can I hide my online status?

When you start entering your username, the checkbox will appear automatically and the function can be activated by ticking the box.

Click on the menu button, top right. Here, you can click on the appropriate option and change your online status.

What do the coloured tick marks mean? White tick mark This user has been successfully verified via the authentication check.

Green tick mark In addition to completing the authentication check, this user was marked by 5 other verified members as a personal contact.

Red tick mark This user is a VIP member. How can I link to another profile? How can I deactivate or delete my profile?

Please note that deleted profiles cannot be recovered. Photos 4. How can I delete photos? Why was my photo declined?

If a photo was declined, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: Photos of children or teenagers are completely taboo.

Please understand that as an erotic community, we do not allow any reference to sex and children, even in the most remote sense.

Contact details email addresses, phone numbers, messenger usernames, apps are not allowed. Images glorifying violence, radical ideas or serious threats and injuries are not permitted.

Likewise, we do not allow weapons aimed directly at the camera. We ask you to refrain from depicting caviar games or other extreme fetishes.

Due to the encrypted nature of QR codes and bar codes, and the associated efforts involved with checking linked content, we do not allow them in photos.

There are several reasons why you might be unable to view images. Blocked photo server When using Firefox, you may accidentally block our photo server.

How do images get in the gallery? ClubMail 2. How do I manage my ClubMail? Mark ClubMail as read or unread To mark a ClubMail as read, click the red badge on the message in your mailbox.

Tag, delete or report ClubMail You can find this function in the options menu. Remove or delete group ClubMail You can move a ClubMail group from your inbox to the archive or permanently delete it by clicking on the gear symbol on the contact box and selecting the appropriate option.

ClubMail symbols ClubMail symbols are displayed in front of every subject line and tell you the status of the message.

Mark as unread — You can mark a message as unread with a single click. Remove - You can move a message to the archive with a single click.

Undo archiving — You can move the message back to your inbox with a single click. Unread by recipient - The recipient has not read this message yet.

Read by recipient - The recipient has already read this message. Treat other members kindly and respectfully. Open or covert insults and provocations have no place at JOYclub.

Inhuman, racist, extremist, defamatory and derogatory statements are not welcome at JOYclub. Discretion with others.

Please respect the privacy of other members and do not name members, either by their member name or real name, in the public sections of JOYclub.

Refrain from publishing or forwarding any content that has been shared with you privately. This applies regardless of whether said content involves positive or negative experiences.

Always remember: At JOYclub, we interact in private, so anything we exchange must remain private. To safeguard security, use the various possibilities for communicating on JOYclub.

The naming of email addresses, messenger IDs, telephone numbers, nicknames in other communities, and similar contact details as well as the promotion of external messaging systems in the public sections of JOYclub is not permitted.

No unwanted advertising. All forms of unwanted advertising for websites, products and services are prohibited at JOYclub and will be deleted without notice.

Conduct in the public forum. In order to be heard in our forum and contribute to the discussion, please make sure your posts are related to the subject of the respective thread.

You can start a new topic in a thematically relevant subforum. If a thread is dominated by chat that is unrelated to the subject, we reserve the right to moderate and remove off-topic posts.

Deviation from the topic is only permissible if it is first approved or initiated by a member of the JOY team. The JOYclub community is founded on honesty and credibility.

Please publish content in such a way that it does not mislead others or give the wrong impression. Your contacts will thank you, because what you see should also be what you get.

Add legal content only. You are responsible for any content you put on the internet. Please only ever contribute legal content to JOYclub.

Anything that is clearly illegal — such as prohibited signs, symbols, flags or uniforms and the like — is not permitted. No contact information.

For your own protection, please never post any contact information real addresses, emails, telephone numbers, user profiles in social networks and messengers.

Rules on images and videos. When adding images and videos, please pay attention to the general community guidelines on content and taboo subjects.

In all other photos in other albums, you are welcome to show other motifs — and perhaps even your pet! Guidelines for texts.

Guidelines for links. If you want to post a link on JOYclub to something else, please follow the rules below. We reserve the right to remove links deemed unsuitable by our team.

Members are generally required to refrain from posting links to untrustworthy or illegal sites as well as spam and advertising, because such links offer no additional value.

Commercial websites are allowed if they offer a benefit for the other members and are thematically related to JOYclub.

This is subject to the placement of a backlink to JOYclub on the specified website and using our backlink tool. Thematically relevant links are allowed in the forums.

If they lead to additional, explanatory sites on the topic in question e. A link should always add value to a text post and not be posted for its own sake.

Please also understand that any links that violate our general ground rules, taboos or the law will be deleted without comment. JOYclub sees itself as a platform for elegant sensuality.

This is why members are required to observe a number of taboos that we have introduced, some of which exceed the legal requirements.

Unprotected sex no condoms. Due to the significant health risks, JOYclub does not support any calls for people to have unprotected sexual intercourse.

Corresponding content will be rejected. Financial interests love for sale. JOYclub stands for free love and is a community for people who want to live sensually fulfilling lives.

For this reason, JOYclub is not the right place for offering and seeking sexual services. Accordingly, we remove any content or profiles offering paid sex.

This can also occur retrospectively, if a clear financial interest becomes evident from a profile description, from complaints via ClubMails or chats, forum posts or elsewhere.

Due to the specialist nature of our website, please understand that representations and pictures of children of any kind, including in an apparently harmless context, are generally not permitted on JOYclub.

Pornography depicting minors. The representation of sexual acts involving year-olds is not allowed under Section c of the German Criminal Code StGB , and is therefore not permitted at JOYclub — even in the case of products of the imagination e.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, another taboo in this respect is the sexual representation of persons who appear to be minors. Similarly, representations or descriptions of sexual acts between close relatives — even if merely suggestive in nature — are not welcome at JOYclub.

Joyclub Premium Video

Joyclub Premium Ich bin nun Premium Mitglied und habe alle Möglichkeiten. Doch selbst ich finde es etwas unglücklich, dass man nicht sehen kann wer Basis ist. Ich würde sonst. Hey, ich bin gerade am überlegen ob ich eine Premium Mitgliedschaft abschließe und frage mich gerade ob der Betrag auf einmal oder pro Monat vom Konto. Warum lohnt sich die Premium-Mitgliedschaft? Der Joyclub ist eine einzigartige Erotik-Community, mit mehr als 2. Millionen Mitgliedern, bei der sich die Premium​-. Das kostet die JOYclub Premium-Mitgliedschaft: Männer und ungeprüfte Frauen/​Paare zahlen 5 € zusätzlich pro Monat. Geprüfte Frauen und. Die Premium-Mitgliedschaft verlängert sich nur bei Bestellung über den Zahlungsdienstleister NetDebit automatisch, das heißt nur in diesem Fall handelt es sich. This is the only way to take full advantage of the voucher. There are a number of factors taken into account when selecting photos for the gallery. While finden in Kalkgrub Beste Spielothek may be able to perform an act with ease, others cannot do so without causing Đ¼ĐµĐ»Đ±ĐµÑ‚ or others serious physical click the following article psychological harm. Use these options to sort, mark or archive your messages, as well as make notes. You may be able to write to some moderators and friends without a Plus or Premium membership. Gratis Spiele Online JOYclub ist für alle interessant, die continue reading über ihre erotischen Fantasien austauschen und diese gegebenenfalls ausleben möchten. Zettel und Stift nehmen, angegebene Nummer draufschreiben, in die Kamera halten. In dieser Community kannst du deutschlandweite Kontakte knüpfen und erhältst zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, an zahlreichen Veranstaltungen teilzunehmen und von Rabatten zu profitieren. Folge einfach den Anweisungen und mit nur wenigen Klicks ist deine Mitgliedschaft beendet. Schreibe Nachrichten, tausche dich aus und lerne neue Leute kennen. Das Abo bei Joyclub verlängert sich automatisch um die zuvor gewählte Laufzeit, wenn du es nicht rechtzeitig kündigst. Wie du Https:// archivieren kannst erfährst du hier. Das bietet für dich den Vorteil, dass auf deinem Kontoauszug nicht zu erkennen ist, welche Dienstleistung du in Anspruch genommen hast. Als Beleg genügt z. Du check this out das Abo jedoch jederzeit fristlos und bequem online kündigen. Die Visit web page sind für Männer und Frauen gleich hoch, unabhängig vom Beziehungsstatus oder davon, ob du alleinerziehend bist. Insgesamt zahlt der Mann also ,80 Euro.

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